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3 Item(s) Found for "Lubricants"

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ZEP 2000 Long Lasting Lubricant
ZEP | Item No: 416401
This clear, long lasting lubricant is highly adhesive and will adhere to surfaces once applied even after intense vibration, impact or pressure. Works from -30 degrees F to 600 degrees F. Works well on hinges, gears, wire ropes and cables. ...more info

ZEP 45 Penetrating Lubricant Containing PTFE (Case of 12)
ZEP | Item No: 017401
Zep 45 is a penetrating aerosol lubricant that disperses rapidly to loosen moving parts stuck from grease, wear or corrosion. Zep 45 works in a wide temperature range (-55 to 475 degrees Fahrenheit). Use on industrial machines, vending machines, nuts, bolts and any rusted or corroded parts. ...more info

ZEP 45-NC Non-Chlorinated Penetrating Lubricant (Case of 4)
ZEP | Item No: 056224
Degreaser and lubricant. Cleans as it frees up stuck parts from grease, wear and corrosion. Works from -55 to 475 degrees F. ...more info